Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Not really sure what to think about these. Are they lego on steroids, or an abomination? Kinda like the idea, and I’m guessing they’ve got different modules in the pipe line. Seem quite pricey, but hopefully they get enough cash to move the project along. Who knows, maybe these are […]

Cubelets – Errrrmmmmmm??

Musical Notes
I’m always on the lookout for new kick ass music to listen to. So, if you have a relatively unknown band/artist up your sleeve, please share with the group. Either post on here, or use the contact form.

Kick Ass Music? – #1

Are Aerons Worth the Money
Even if you don’t know what an Aeron is, you’ve seen one (I’ll guarantee it). It’s THE chair synonymous with the dot com boom of the late nineties. As an internet start up, your employees HAD to be perching on Aerons. Why? They’re officially sexy.

Are Aerons Worth the Money?

High resolutions help in Word
What can a high resolution monitor do for you? Sitting pretty thinking your 19” monitor is absolutely fine? It probably is. But let me tell you how a higher resolution could make your life better today 🙂 (that sounds like the worst infomercial ever).

Benefits of a High Resolution Monitor