You can have as many guns, zombie hammers and machetes as you want. Without clean water, you’re pretty much screwed. You won’t always be able to lug bottled water around with you, so what do you do? Here are two of the simplest ways to purify water. Boiling By far […]

Water water everywhere

BoingBoing has posted a trailer for a documentary that looks very interesting. Not because it’s ground breaking or necessarily accurate, but it may open up one side of the story for you. As someone who tries to get the story from every side, I’m gonna sit down and give this […]

Ethos – A Time for Change

GAS have posted an interesting video on music with no repetition using Maths. With no repetition, the presenter classes it as ugly. Ugly? Yep. Better than Bieber? Yep 😉

Ugly Math Music