Benefits of a High Resolution Monitor

What can a high resolution monitor do for you?

Sitting pretty thinking your 19” monitor is absolutely fine? It probably is. But let me tell you how a higher resolution could make your life better today 🙂 (that sounds like the worst infomercial ever).

There’s nothing wrong with lower resolutions (e.g. 1360 x 768). But a high resolution (and I’m talking about 2560×1600 and above here) can have some big advantages. Most obviously, the sheer amount of space available. If your PC is a work tool this becomes invaluable.

Increase Your Workflow…

Higher resolutions mean less jumping between windows. Your alt+tab rate is cut in half (if not more). So who’s going to benefit? Everyone, that’s who.

Designers are presented with a panorama of space in Photoshop/Illustrator. Have multiple tools bar open, and still have enough space for your artwork.

Programmers can have debugging tools, browser and coding software all visible at the same time.

Recording music? Fit lots of tracks/VSTs on screen at once.

You also see benefits in day to day tasks like word processing.  You can fit multiple pages on the screen at once. Scan back and forth through a document without having to touch the mouse wheel. Handy for long documents (e.g. reports or dissertations).

Gamers get a very immersive experience. You might actually have to move your head to see something on the extremes of the monitor 😉 If you use your PC for more than basic web browsing, you WILL notice a big difference. I’m sure many of you run multiple monitor configurations, so you know what I’m talking about.

When it comes to increasing workflow, you can buy a couple of 24” monitors and still have money left over for what a 30” monitor costs. You’ll end up with something like 3840×1200 or 1920×2400 (assuming horizontal/vertical tiling) which are both very attractive options. However, if you’re going to use it for watching movies/TV/gaming, you’ve got a bezel in the way. I don’t like having bezels in the mix, so I’m willing to pay the premium. You’ve also got to find space for two monitors on your desktop, so it’s swings and roundabouts. If you want to go really overboard, you could run dual 30” monitors, but you need a big desk (and even bigger wallet).

So, there you have it. A quick rundown of what it’s like running higher resolutions.


  • Looks bad ass
  • Lots of screen estate
  • No need to run dual monitors
  • Less portable (if you’re into LAN parties etc)
  • Increases work flow
  • Amazing gaming experience
  • Potential to replace TV if space is limited


  • Potential neck injury by having to physically move your head 😉
  • Uses more electricity
  • Uses more desk space than a single smaller monitor
  • Generally needs a high spec PC to run at full resolution for games.
  • Expensive!!
  • Going back to a “low” resolution can feel very cramped
This is how much can you fit on a 2560x1600 desktop

This is how much can you fit on a 2560x1600 desktop

High resolutions help in Word

Word also benefits from a high resolution