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I’ll admit it. When Apple announced the iPad, I was pretty dismissive. I didn’t see the point, and I thought Apple had finally gotten too big for it’s boots. Don’t get me wrong, I think Apple make some amazing products, but the iPad just didn’t tick the right boxes for […]

Where are Tablets Going

High resolutions help in Word
What can a high resolution monitor do for you? Sitting pretty thinking your 19” monitor is absolutely fine? It probably is. But let me tell you how a higher resolution could make your life better today 🙂 (that sounds like the worst infomercial ever).

Benefits of a High Resolution Monitor

Looking for a new monitor? Wondering how your current resolution stacks up against the competition? Here’s a handy little image which shows you where you stand in the pecking order. I’m going to publish an article shortly about some of the higher end resolutions (i.e. 2560×1600 and above), and how […]

Monitor Resolution Comparison