Learning AS3 from PHP

If you’re trying learn Flash AS3 coming from a server side language like PHP, you’re probably an awul lot balder than when you started 😉 Probably due to two things:

1) Adobe don’t provide (IMO at least) a decent manual with good examples.

2) There are a lot of examples that either don’t work, or can’t be run from within a FLA file.

Your wish is officially granted. I’m currently writing some super simple examples that can be run from within an FLA file.

These are going to include:

Basic Net Functions including loading an Image with AS3 & loading a URL with AS3.
Basic AS3 syntax translation from PHP (because that’s half the battle)
Tools for debugging flash

First out of the blocks is going to be loading an image with Flash AS3. I’m just writing it now, so it will be online very shortly.