Having a fairly neutral British accent, I tend not to run into these kinds of problems too often. I do empathise with those of you who are discriminated against when it comes to voice recognition. I remember my northern friends at Uni trying to get Dragon Naturally Speaking to work. […]

Voice Recognition – Too True

The Register has posted a very “interesting” article about WoW addicts whizzing in bottles so they don’t have to leave their PC. Although it’s referencing the Sun (a tabloid btw) and I’m not inclined to take anything they publish at face value, I think we can all believe this happens. […]

Pee in a Bottle? Seriously??!!

Boingboing have posted an excellent article about how traffic jams ar born. My take on it, some people are just rubbish drivers 🙂 [retweet] [facebook] Credit: Boingboing

How traffic jams are born

If you’re trying learn Flash AS3 coming from a server side language like PHP, you’re probably an awul lot balder than when you started 😉 Probably due to two things: 1) Adobe don’t provide (IMO at least) a decent manual with good examples. 2) There are a lot of examples […]

Learning AS3 from PHP

It’s gotta be said, this stuff looks pretty damn impressive. Can’t wait to see more and more of this stuff in phones/tech/tablets. If you’re in the screen protector business, better get out now while you can 🙂

Gorilla Glass 2

You don’t get any more awesome than this 🙂 Oakleaf Cakes : Officially Awesome!! Credit: HardOCP

Storm Trooper Cake

This has got to be the future of board games. Animations, multiple levels, multiple games all on one device. You can still lose the vital game piece though 😉 Ah to be a kid again 🙂 As tablets become more common/bigger (and they become less scratch prone), I suspect we’ll […]

Future of Board Games

In The News
Tomorrow is going to be a dark day for the internet, quite literally. Wikipedia is going to shut down to protest against SOPA. If you don’t know what SOPA is, read on to find out more.

Wikipedia Goes Dark